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The Club is a real meeting point for high-growth potential people.

Our members are healthcare professionals and organizations leading the future of the connected global health.

€29 / month

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reasons to join us:



Connect with the future health leaders


Learn & Grow

Access to our KnowledgeBASE and Activities


¿Are you a professional working in healthcare?

Grow your real network

The best to apply your new practical knowledge and skills is to connect the right people. Our club members are talented professionals passionate to change lives of millions of people.

We are already more than 2K members

Solving the challenge of future health, the club is built by multidisciplinary expertise members

Engineers, Doctors, Marketers, Nurses, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Designers, Managers, Researchers,  Psychologists, Sales Reps, Strategists


Eva Aurín

Responsable de Innovación
Hospital Vall d’Hebron

Emmanuel Fombu

Global Digital Innovation Leader - Johnson & Johnson

Jessica Shull

Lead for the DTx Alliance

Manuel Armayones

Director eHealth Center


Aline Noizet
Directora Health 2.0 

Agnis Stibe

Founder of 


Luis Fernandez Luque

Qatar Computing Research Institute

Pere Pascal

Business Transformation Manager 

Fundació Unió





City Club

Club members organise different activities where you can join to meet exceptional people. Talks, city events, dinners and much more. 

All members are invited to propose their ideas and activities to share.

Do you want to organise something?



Choose the City to see next activities:

NOTE: In the last year, we have had funny Club meetings and dinners.  Due to the exceptional situation for COVID19, temporarily the meetings of our community are suspended.


San Francisco

Mexico City

Buenos Aires


Build your personal profile in the app and find opportunities from the community. Identify talent and partners, and connect with other members.

The KnowledgeBASE

Global vision of future healthcare

Because knowledge will become obsolete as never before.

Health, Tech and Science are one of the most—if not the most—rapidly changing fields.

The Club KnowledgeBASE underlying set of facts, assumptions, and rules that our members have available to solve a problem.


4 Masterclasses | 1 Casestudy | 2 Global Talks

€29 / month

If you are a corporate, contact us here

The base activities agenda



The KnowledgeBASE Content Plan

 KnowledgeBASE is designed quarterly and based on trends and members´ needs. Yes, we will learn from the best leaders around the world. But we want to learn the latest knowledge, in an easy and practical way..


Masterclasses and Casestudies are recorded while Global Talks for inspiration are live.

Every month we focus on one topic: 

  • Digital health


  • Entrepreneurship and creativity


  • Open innovation


  • Empowered patients

  • Multi-experience marketing


  • Collaborative leadership


  • Future research


  • Global health


  • Personal growth skills